Marcel Bursztyn

Marcel Bursztyn holds a B.A. in Economics (1973) and a M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning (1976), from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He also holds a Diploma in Planning Studies from the University of Edinburgh (1977), a doctorate in Social and Economic Development, from Université de Paris I (1982) and a doctorate in Economics, from Université de Picardie, France (1988). He is a full professor in the Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Brasília. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2007-2008) and a Visiting Professor at Université de Paris 3 (2012).
He has 30 years experience including extensive work in the design and evaluation of environmental projects in the Brazilian Amazon and North-east regions. His work includes evaluation of public policies, environmental management, science and technology policy, the state and planning, agriculture and development, economics and regional development, urban and regional planning.

1st Austrian Conference on International Resource Politics | Universitätsring 1  | 1010 Wien